The latest market trend of steel prices on March 7

[Building Steel] On the 6th, the market price of construction steel fluctuated. The average price of threads in major cities was 4,350 yuan/ton, an increase of 1 yuan/ton from the previous day trading day. The period of the thriller fell, and the main contract of 2305 closed at 4210 yuan/ton, a decrease of 39 yuan/ton from the settlement price of the previous working day, which was 90 yuan/ton from Hangzhou Zhongtian thread price of 4300 yuan/ton. In the morning, the market price of the building steel in East China fell 30 yuan/ton slightly, and some areas rose slightly. After the opening, the iron mine was dragged down sharply, and the period of the snails also showed a rapid decline, the market sentiment turned weakened, and the spot prices in some areas followed a slight decrease of 10-20 yuan/ton. In the morning, the transaction performance was light, and the quotes in various places were raised. After the afternoon, the snail decline was narrowed, the transactions of low -level resources were slightly improved, and the spot decline gradually slowed down. At present, the cost support is still there, and the market is looking forward to the release of the demand for the peak season, and the short -term price downstream space is limited. Recently, the price of the construction steel market is running narrowly.

[Hot -rolled steel coil] On the 6th, the spot price of hot -rolled spot increased, and the overall rise. The average price of 4369 yuan/ton in major cities in the country rose 61 on the same period last week. Shanghai 4320-4340 yuan increased by 30 from the 3rd from the 3rd. Compared with the same period of the same period last week, Ledi fell by 30 40 compared with the 3rd day from the 3rd. Tianjin’s 4310-4320 fell by 20 from the 3rd to 60 from the last week. On the 6th, the hot-rolled futures shocked and fell. The spot price was affected by futures. In the afternoon, there will be a small increase in the price in the afternoon. The bidding price of Yangang fell 40 today. Rizhao steel spot price is stable. Today, the billet quotation is reduced by 50 and 3940 yuan. The overall table of the spot transaction today is worse than that in the afternoon. The short -term price may shock narrowly.

[Cold -rolled coils] On the 6th, the average price of cold -rolled plates in major cities across the country was 4895 yuan/ton, an increase of 10 yuan/ton from the previous working day, and an increase of 36 yuan/ton from the same period last week. The price of cold rolling market rises slightly. Among them, the market price in Shanghai is 4720 yuan/ton in the market price of Angang in Shanghai, down 20 yuan/ton; Tianjin Tiandai 1.0 cold roll 4720 yuan/ton, stable; Lecong Liu Gang 1.0 cold roll 4830 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/fell/10 yuan/ Ton. Futures disk are weak, and the prices of cold rolling markets have maintained stability. In the afternoon, the futures declines narrowed. Purchase downstream terminal procurement on demand for goods, regional transactions are differentiated, and the overall performance of market transactions is average. The Development and Reform Commission will formulate policy documents on restoring and expanding consumption. Under the condition of cost support and terminal demand, merchants are cautious in operation and limited price changes. The short -term cold rolling market runs narrowly.

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