The latest market trend of steel prices on April 12

[Building Steel] On the 11th, the construction steel market price fell to stabilize. The average price of threads in major cities was 4136 yuan/ton, a 43 yuan/ton from the previous day’s trading day. In the period, the main contract was 3939 yuan/ton at 2310, which fell by 9 yuan/ton compared with the settlement price of the previous working day, which is 111 yuan/ton from Hangzhou Zhongtian thread price of 4050 yuan/ton. In the morning, the domestic building steel market in East China fell 10-20 yuan/ton. In the morning, the transaction performance was flat, and the market traffic atmosphere was light. In the middle of the market, the low -level thread moved upwards, and the transactions of low -level resource transactions in local areas have improved, and the market decline has slowed down. The price of building materials in the middle of the middle of the middle of the day is reduced by 200 yuan/ton on the thread and line disk. The price of sand steel is reduced by 100-150 yuan/ton in the middle of the year. The factory price continues to hang upside down. During the afternoon, the low-level thread moved upwards, the market sentiment was good, the transactions in various places have recovered, the spot price has slowed down, and low resources in some areas have risen by 10-20 yuan/ton slightly. It is expected that construction steel prices will stop and stabilize tomorrow.

[Hot -rolled rolling sheet] On the 11th, the price of hot -rolled spot fell as a whole. The average price of 4230 yuan/ton nationwide fell by 80 compared with the 10th from the 10th. Shanghai’s 4180-4200 yuan fell 40 from the 10th compared to the same period last week, and Le’s fell 40 from 4180-4200 yuan/ton by 10 from 10th. Tianjin’s 4180-4200 fell 40 from the 8th from the 8th. On the 11th, the hot-rolled futures fell first and then rose, and the thousands of times rose continuously in the later period. The bidding price of Yangang today is stable than the previous working day. The price of Rizhao Steel dropped by 50 yuan. Today, the billet quotation is 3750 yuan. The news on this day caused the price of iron ore to recover the price of iron ore overseas, driving the rise of black hot -rolled futures. There was also a rebound in the hot -rolled spot disk, and the transaction improved in the afternoon. Short -term price shock operating range.

[Cold -rolled coils] On the 11th, the average price of cold -rolled plates in major cities across the country was 4860 yuan/ton, which fell 22 yuan/ton compared to the previous working day, and fell 54 yuan/ton from the same period last week. Cold rolling market prices are weak. Among them, the market price of Shanghai area in Shanghai is 4680 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton; Tianjin Tiangotian 1.0 cold roll 4610 yuan/ton, down 20 yuan/ton; Lecong Liu Gang 1.0 cold roll 4700 yuan/ton, Fall 10 yuan/ton. After the futures disk fell, the price of the cold -rolled spot market fell slightly, and some of them had declined. After the recent wait and seeing, there was a replenishment after the wait -and -see. With the influence of the futures market, there is a volume of demand, and most merchants in the spot market expressed cautious operations. It is expected that the short -term cold -rolled market shocks will stabilize.

[Plating] On the 11th, the market price of coated plating plates in the country continued to fall. The average price of 1.0mm non -flower -galvanized plates in major cities was 5,143 yuan (ton price, the same below). The average price of zinc plates was 5028 yuan, down 23 yuan compared to the previous day; the average price of 0.47mm color coating plates in major cities fell 18 yuan compared to the previous day. The futures price fluctuates, the market has a strong mood, and the purchase of downstream mining is low. The merchants generally allow the benefits to ship the goods. In terms of steel mills, the mainstream ex-factory price of galvanizing factory in northern private steel mills today is about 4700-4770 yuan, and the cold-rolled base price of cold-rolled base materials in Handxing area is 4200-4300 yuan. At present, the operation rate of coating is steadily rising. The short -term layout has maintained a high level, and there is no significant increase in consumption release. The upstream and downstream supply and demand games have increased. It is expected that the price of the market on the plating of the plate tomorrow will still be weakly adjusted.

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