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[Hot -rolled coils] On the 28th, the price of hot -rolled spot fell slightly. The average price of 4,321 yuan/ton in major cities in the country rose by 20 from the 27th. Shanghai 4310-4330 yuan is stable from the same period of the same period from the 24th. It is stable from 4290-4310 yuan/ton from 4290-4310 yuan/ton. Tianjin 4250-4270 is stable than last week. On the 27th, the hot -rolled futures shocked down. The closing of 4260 fell 17%. The price of Yangang’s bid price today fell by 30. Rizhao steel spot price is stable. Today, the billet quotation is 3900 yuan. Today’s spot transactions are average. Recently, the scale of steel transactions has shrunk, the market mentality has weakened slightly, and the short -term price price may be adjusted.

[Cold -rolled coils] On the 28th, the average price of cold -rolled boards in major cities in the country was 4857 yuan/ton, a down 2 yuan/ton from the previous working day, and an increase of 34 yuan/ton from the same period last week. Cold rolling market prices are weak and stable. Among them, the market price in Shanghai in Shanghai is 4690 yuan/ton, a cold roll of 4,690 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton; Tianjin Tiangotai 1.0 cold roll 4690 yuan/ton, stable; Lecong Liu Gang 1.0 cold roll 4790 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/fell 10 yuan/ Ton. The futures disk are weak, and the prices of cold -rolled spot markets are weak and stable. Merchant offers are more stable. It can be negotiated with preferential shipments. As the plates fluctuate fell, the downstream terminal procurement is strong, and the overall market transaction is slightly lighter. Based on the strong cost support, in the stage of inventory, the demand is gradually released, and the high -priced acceptance capacity is limited, and the space for cold rolling prices is limited. The short -term cold rolling market runs narrowly.

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