The latest steel price trend morning report on May 17

Steel Market

[Building Steel] On the 16th, the market price of building steels rose first and then declined. The average screw price in the main cities was 3833 yuan/ton, an increase of 10 yuan/ton from the previous day’s trading day. The period of the screw of the snail fell, and the main contract of 2310 closed at 3640 yuan/ton, a decrease of 12 yuan/ton compared with the previous working day, which was 120 yuan/ton from Hangzhou Zhongtian thread price of 3760 yuan/ton. In the morning, the spot of the domestic building steel market in East China rose slightly by 10 yuan/ton. Today’s transaction table is currently flat, and the enthusiasm of terminal procurement has declined. As the economic data was introduced in April, the mid -market snails fell high, the market’s bullish mood slowed down, and the enthusiasm of terminal procurement decreased slightly. The spot quotes in some areas dropped slightly. Because some raw materials still have room for decline, the demand is weakened, and the short -term market confidence is insufficient. It is expected that the national construction steel price will fluctuate and operate tomorrow.

[Hot -rolled rolled sheet] On the 16th, the spot price of hot -rolled spot rose first and then declined. The average price of 3856 yuan/ton nationwide increased by 76 yuan per ton from the same period last week from the 15th. Shanghai 3890-3910 yuan/ton increased by 10 yuan per ton from 15 days from 15 to the same period last week. The 3760-3780 yuan/ton fell by 90 yuan per ton from the same period last week from 15 days. Tianjin 3730-3750 yuan/ton fell 10 yuan/ton per ton to fall 110 yuan per ton from the same period last week. On the 16th, the hot -rolled futures rose quickly and fell rapidly. The closing was reported to 3708 yuan/ton to fall by 0.64%per ton from the month. The bidding price of Yangang today fell 20 yuan per ton from the previous work. The price of Rizhao Iron and Steel is stable per ton yesterday. Today, the billet quotation is 3440 yuan/ton from yesterday. After the introduction of macro data in April, the futures price price continued to decline from the high level. The current market conditions are still empty, and the short -term price will still be weak.

[Cold -rolled coils] On the 16th, the average cold -rolled plate in major cities in the country was 4611 yuan/ton, an increase of 2 yuan/ton from the previous working day, and fell 41 yuan/ton from the same period last week. Among them, the market price in Shanghai is 4,430 yuan/ton in the Ansteel 1.0 cold roll of Anshan Iron and Steel, which is stable; Tianjin Tiangotie 1.0 cold roll 4320 yuan/ton, stable; Lecong Liu Gang 1.0 cold roll 4490 yuan/ton, down 20 yuan/ton. Macro -data release is not as low as expected that the expected futures are low, the market prices of cold -rolling markets are stable, the market transaction volume has fallen significantly, and the overall transaction is light. Follow the Impact and Reform Commission’s impact on the release and external messages in May, and the merchants are looking at the market market with cautious operations. The short -term cold rolling price is expected to run narrow -range shaking.



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