The latest market trend of steel prices on April 17

Steel Market

[Building Steel] The domestic building steel market has fallen first and then rebounded. The average price of threads in major cities today is 410 yuan/ton, a down -90 yuan/ton from last Friday. The closing price of the main contract at 2310 was 3896 yuan/ton, a decrease of 93 yuan/ton from the closing price last Friday, which is 164 yuan/ton than the market price of Hangzhou Zhongtian thread 4060 yuan/ton. The market price fell from Monday to Thursday, and the market price rose slightly on Friday. From the perspective of demand, entering the construction and starting season, but the demand is slightly less than expected, the market mentality is doubtful about the intensity of subsequent demand, and it is mostly cautious. Social finance data data or short -term boosting financial markets announced after the market, and market confidence has recovered. Recently, the price has continued to decline, the profit of steel mills has narrowed, and production enthusiasm is not strong. From the data point of view, the price of building materials in the middle of the middle of the middle of the platform is reduced by 200 yuan/ton on the thread and wire plate. The price of sand steel is reduced by 100-150 yuan/ton in the middle of the year. 250 yuan/ton, the factory price continues to hang upside down. Near the weekend, there is also a volume of terminal stocking needs, and the overall transaction performance is good. After the cost of gravity is moved down, the price of steel mills has weakened, the profit of steel mills is under pressure, and the space price reduction space is limited. It is expected that the rebound price of rebar prices will be adjusted in the near future.

[Hot -rolled rolling sheet] This week, the hot -rolled spot was fell first and then rebounded. The price index of Zhonglian Steel Hot -rolled in April 13th fell 64 points from 4276 in the same period last week, a decrease of 1.5%month -on -month. This week’s hot -rolled spot fell slightly compared with the price last Friday. As of April 14th, Shanghai 4200-4220 yuan/ ton, down 20 from last Friday. Lecong 4200-4220 fell 30 from the same five; Tianjin 4130-4150 fell 80 yuan from last Friday. The output of 3.24 million tons this week dropped by 10,000 tons from the previous week, showing a high decline. At present, the output is still at a high of more than 3.2 million tons, which is only 220,000 tons lower than the historical high of 3.44 million tons. At present, the price of hot rolling fluctuation has fallen, and the profit has fallen significantly below the profit and loss line. However, in order to ensure sufficient output scale, the later output will remain high. The hot -rolled social inventory of 2.4 million tons increased by 24,000 tons from the previous week. From mid -February, the social inventory has ended for eight weeks from the previous month. From 3.13 million years of high point to 2.38 million tons, it began to bottom out. The current inventory is 1.5%lower than the same period after the Spring Festival last year. Based on the seasonal trends of previous years, the current growth of downstream demand is lower than expected but the output has increased. In summary, the output will increase from a decline next week, and the increase may be obvious. However, in May, maintenance increases and crude steel production limits, changing the expected increase of market supply reduction in the market, weakened demand for weak demand, and increased supply of weak expectations. This support factor may play a role next week. If there is no obvious news, the price may be strong.

[Cold -rolled rolling sheet] The price of the cold rolling market this week is dominated. The average daily price of cold -rolled plates in key cities in China is 4843 yuan/ton, and the period is 45 yuan/ton, and the monthly ring fell 153 yuan/ton. Among them, the market price of Shanghai area is 4,660 yuan/ton in the Ansteel 1.0 cold rolls, down 50 yuan/ton from last week; Tianjin Tiantie 1.0 cold roll 4590 yuan/ton, a 70 yuan/ton from last week; Lecong Liu Gang 1.0 cold rolls 4690 yuan/ton, down 60 yuan/ton from last week. 5.5 The mainstream of the general heat volume is mainstream at 4220 yuan /ton, the difference between the hot and cold products is about 430 yuan /ton, and the comparison is narrowed by 40. Futures disk surface shock downward, the price adjustment policy of steel mills in May holds a flat disk, sand and dust weather and macro data are released, and the output of crude steel has increased from the previous month. Inventory statistics show that the cold rolling speed slows down, the release of multi -short news, the cold -rolled spot market price Develop more. Terminals are mostly purchased with the influence of futures fluctuations. The overall transaction performance is weak. The demand volume is near the weekend (the hype continues), and the merchants operate carefully and mainly ship. When the weather is getting improved, after the release of the sharp news is released, the demand side is still available, and the demand for building materials may be better than the board. Supply and demand is in a weak balance. Most of the spot market merchants expressed cautious operations. It is expected that the cold -rolled market price will be adjusted and operated next week.

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